Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona

The Hotel SERHS Carlit is located just 12 minutes walk from one of Barcelona's main attractions: the Arc de Triomf (Arc de Triomphe), which has become an authentic icon of the city.


A very special triumphal arc

Different from the others, the Arc del Triomf of Barcelona does not commemorate any military victory. This arch was built as a gateway to the Universal Exhibition of 1888. Located at the end of Passeig de Sant Joan and the beginning of Lluís Companys promenade, its closed to Ciutadella park and the Born neigborhood. Definitely a moument to visit in Barcelona. The visit will take you a short time since you can not go inside and can only be seen from the street. You can also admire the beautiful lampposts along the promeande and enjoy the peace of this place.

It is a very atypical construction for two main reasons. First, unlike the rest of triumphal arcs, it is a construction of a civil character, instead of being built as a commemoration of a military feat. On the other hand, it was elaborated with a colorful work in brick following the Mudejar style, something that makes it unique in the world.

The architect Josep Vilaseca, who designed it on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1888, conceived it as a work of classical proportions of 30 meters in height and complemented it with detailed sculptural decorations of artists like Josep Reyné, who represented Barcelona welcoming the Visitors in the main facade or Josep Llimona, represented the awards delivery to the participants in the later facade. This great allegory was completed by the works of Antoni Vilanova, with the Apotheosis of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, Torquat Tasso, with his Apotheosis of Sciences and Arts and finally, the twelve angels of Manuel Fuxà and Pere Carbonell, as a symbol of fame and the glory of the city.

The goal of the arch was to honor the participating countries, as well as giving them an impressive welcome. Since it gave access to the Hall of San Juan, attendees had to pass through it to access the Exhibition. Currently the old Salon of San Juan receives the name of Passeig of Lluís Companys, and it is an avenue of 50 meters wide and one of the preferred places for the locals for walking, playing music, meeting with friends, skating... In addition to being a walk full of life, its beauty is also a highlight, decorated with a pavement of mosaics and large lampposts, all designed by Pere Falqués and which takes us straight to another of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona: Park of the Ciutadella.


Ciutadella Park

This large green refuge in the heart of Barcelona, ​​is the largest and most important park in the city. It was designed in 1881 by Josep Fontserè and seven years later, it hosted the Universal Exhibition

Among other things, it is worth mentioning its beautiful monumental waterfall, decorated with great dragons and two decorative medallions made by –by then- a young student named Antoni Gaudí, who also took care of its water pipes, and the lake, where it is possible to rent boats to enjoy a quiet walk on the water. In addition, in the park there are places such as the current headquarters of the Parliament of Catalonia, the Museum of Geology, the Zoology or the Zoo of the city.

Next to Ciutadella we find one of the most beautiful and special parts of the city: the Born neighborhood. This historic district, very well known for its shopping area, especially its designer boutiques and its leisure with acclaimed bars and restaurants, is a set of very special corners.

Highlights include such important buildings as the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Church of Sant Pere, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, the Mercat de Santa Caterina and several museums.



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